The Band

Coming together from many corners of the world, NoRey have developed a unique sound, over the years, that reflects the diversity of the bands members.

With an eclectic mix of cultural ideas and influences – NoRey’s music spans a wide range of genres whilst still holding a singular personalized style.

NoRey is centered in Seattle, Washington are proving themselves as a powerful emerging presence in the northwest music scene and aspire to continue expanding into the global music industry.

Focusing on energetic and engaging live performances, NoRey have developed a strong supporting fan base and will continue in their endeavor to provide new dynamics and interest for their ever expanding audience.

In the studio NoRey released their self titled E.P last summer, and release their second album ‘Unite Your Arms’ – in November 2013.


Alejandro was born in Bogota, Colombia. His family moved to Brooklyn, NY, in 1993 where he grew up learning English as a second language and picked up the urge to learn poetry from American writers as a challenge to translate emotion from a culture different from his own.

At the age of 16 the acoustic guitar became a conduit to music that would be the set up to write songs of his own as well as learning songs from new found musical influences which included bands such as Pink Floyd, the Doors, Leonard Cohen, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Still listening to an eclectic library of Spanish music, he developed an early reasoning and passion for words and emotional tastes that influenced many parts of his lyrical style.

In 2001 Alejandro left NYC and moved to San Diego, CA, where he met Mike, Dave, and Vicky, who were traveling from England. That summer they bonded for the future.



Dave was born in Bedford, England, & grew up in the nearby village of Riseley. He learnt violin from an early age & switched to guitar In his early teens, learning classic blues & rock riffs from legends such as Jimi Hendrix & Stevie Ray Vaughn.

After playing guitar in his high school band Mobo Cracy, Dave switched to bass & was ¼ of Cambridge rock band Stone Free until moving to Denmark to join rock/metal band Tonz. Dave moved to Vancouver in 2007 to form NoRey with Alejandro & Mike.



Mike was born in Bedford, England, and grew up in the nearby village of Riseley. He started piano lessons in his pre-teens at the same time as bashing away on his Yamaha Electronic Drum Pads.

Mike started playing kit drums at the age of 15 and started a high school band called Mobo Cracy with 3 friends and quickly started playing clubs in Bedford and London in support of their one and only album in the late 90’s.

Mike traveled to San Diego, CA, in 2001 where he met future NoRey singer Alejandro. The duo would play coffee shops in the Pacific Beach area for the next 4 summers and eventually permanently formed NoRey in 2007.

Mike co-founded Ocean Roots – an organization dedicated to promoting ocean conservation through art. He has also and written, recorded & performed with Big Midget, The Beveled Edges, Ginger & Moonshine, & Lady Grace in the Pacific Northwest & UK.



Nick was brought up in Metro Detroit, listening to MoTown and learning to play bass by listening to Nirvana basslines, which transpired into an interest in recording local bands under the tutelage of John Erskine (of Sonic Youth fame.) This led to an across country move to Seattle, where he interned and became a house recording engineer at Chroma Sound, regularly assisting Brad Zeffren (assistant recording engineer on Star Anna’s “The Only Thing That Matters”) and Johnny Sangster (of Mudhoney/Tripwires/Red Jacket Mine fame.)

While searching for bands to record, he stumbled upon Alejandro at an open mic and in addition to the desire to record NoRey’s first album became an instant fan. Nick blended what he learned while recording electric guitars at Chroma and the melodies he heard in his head while listening to raw NoRey recorded tracks and began borrowing equipment to start playing as the rhythm guitarist alongside Mike and eventually being promoted to lead guitar as Mike took over full time percussion duties.



Vicky was born in rural Shropshire in the hamlet of Poynton Green.

She grew up listening to Brit bands such as Blur & Oasis & was influenced by her parents records by artists like The Beatles, Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, & The Mama’s & Papa’s.

She took piano lessons and learnt guitar in her teens, but her real interest was in vocals – harmonizing with her sisters to Disney songs on long car trips.

Vicky slowly became established in NoRey after regularly being called up on stage to sing on “From Her”.